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Memory Quilts:  I often get asked to make a quilt out of a loved ones clothing or sometimes a family member will find Orphan Quilt Blocks or unfinished pieces.  Below are my fees for completing a quilt:memory-quilt-commission-prices

Are you interested in designing your own quilt?
Are you a Quilt Shop that’s looking for a special quilt for a shop hop or retreat?

I recently been working on a shop hop quilt for some local shops and have been having
a wonderful time!

Here’s how this works. The first thing I will bring to you is a proposal for a layout
setting. We meet and discuss themes and colorways and then I work on some design proposals
for you to look at. When a design is selected, I write the entire pattern for you!

I’m a hands on gal – so we’re not done with the design until you’ve made the quilt and any
bugs are worked out of the pattern.

From pieced, to applique (or both) I can provide a unique work of art that is truly your own!

Price for this service is negotiable. I can charge a set fee or by the hour.

The pics below are some of my design examples:
IRIS 001IRIS 00104celtic

wm morris


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  1. Lilias Schlender

    I really like the pattern for the Thumb Shop Hop! I called the Pincushion to ask if there is a “real” pattern available. They said you are working on a booklet pattern. I am excited to get it. I would like to see the Birds and Roses Wreath applique (it was not available to us). Do you have an idea when this will be available? thanks so much Lilias Schlender

    • The Birds and Roses pattern was available through The Stitching Well. Technically, I will own the rights to this pattern again
      on November 1st, 2014. I did hear today that the shops wanted an extension on giving/selling the pattern but they have not
      contacted me yet. You can inquire with Shirley at the Stitching Well about the applique pattern. I can email you a picture
      of my center medallion in progress if you’d like. -Lisa

      • Lilias Schlender

        I would love to see a picture of the center medallion. I will call Shirley at the stitching well tomorrow. thanks so much. lily

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