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Dryden Historical Society

The Dryden Historical Society meets at the Depot in town. I got involved with them when my sister-in-law, Tina Papineau, asked me if I would donate a quilt for a raffle to earn money for repairs to the depot. Since I had an abundance of tops, we chose one and then I custom quilted it.
I then met my now good friend, Mary Batzer, who came up with the wonderful idea of having the quilt travel from business to business in town and having the shop owners sell tickets. She contacted the newspaper and they did an article on it and kept the public informed of when it would change locations. It was a huge success! The first quilt is pictured below and is named after our farm, “Summertime at Bishop’s Glen Farm”. It was won by a woman from Metamora.

This was so much fun, that I decided to donate a quilt each year or so. Since I’m a huge history buff, I decided to pick people/places/things in our township of interest and make a quilt around that theme. The second quilt, “Fireworks over General Squier Park”, was made to honor General Squier and the park itself.
This one was won by Ralph Romanowsky, who lives just down the street from me!

Quilt #3 was made to honor Seven Ponds Nature Center, located on the west side of our township. I like to call it the crown jewel of Dryden! If you’ve never been there, then by all means pack up the kids/grandkids and go. They have nature trails, weekend events and my favorite place, the bird observatory. I could sit for hours and watch the birds and listen to them on the speaker system they have hooked up. Sometimes I go with a sketchpad. This was a fun quilt to make because I got some help from Tina Papineau and Mary Batzer on the top construction. “Celebrate Seven Ponds” was kept in Ralph’s family when his daughter won it! LOL We told Ralph he’s not allowed to buy any more raffle tickets!

The next quilt in the series honors the Depot downtown. The monies earned from the 3 previous quilts went to repairs on the roof. It’s very satisfying to know that my small contributions are truly helping the community I live in. The DHS meets each month at the Depot – which is also our town museum. It’s another must-see! “Down at the Depot” was pieced by myself and Mary Batzer. I commissioned the small train embroideries from Joanne Daughtery of Hadley. Mary and I both love red and white quilts and this was the perfect subject to make one with. The center medallion is “thread-painted” using my longarm and was done while I quilted the quilt. There are many shades of red and pink used in order to get the shadows and light to show!
Depot 003Depot 004

Down at the Depot is our latest raffle quilt and will be raffled off at the Spring Plant Sale in May. If you’re looking for some cheap perennials, you can find them there! All plants are offered for a donation. I bought a small container of Lamb’s Ear 2 years ago and within a season it had spread to a 3′ diameter!

Check back on this page in a year or so for the next quilt. I’ve already selected the location and I’m working on the designs now. I promise that this one will be a “girly” quilt per request! I’ve tried to keep them fairly gender neutral so that tickets would sell well. But for this location, I was asked to design one that was over the top feminine. Stay tuned….


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