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Preparing your quilt for Longarming

Quilt Tops:
* Trim all loose threads
* Check all seams and make sure there are no open seams or holes in your quilt top
* Press bulky seams open (8 pointed stars like Lemoyne stars have a lot of bulk at the point)
* Press the quilt top. (Many of my customers fold them neatly or bring them on a hanger. When your top arrives, I will put it on a large hanger with a work order where it will stay in a covered wardrobe until it’s quilted.)
* Apply borders correctly so that they lay flat (see graphic below on how to apply borders)

* Due to my allergy, please remove all cat hair from your quilt top and backing. Thank You!

* Be sure the backing is 4″ larger on each side from your top dimension (Quilt top is 60″ x 80″ than your backing should be 68″ x 88″)
* Pieced backings should be square. Use a 1/2″ seam when piecing the backing and press the seam open so it will lay flat.
* Press the backing and fold neatly or lay it over a hanger.
* Cotton backings work best. I have also quilted Minkee and bedsheets. Minkee backings must be loaded on the selvedge edge. When purchasing a wide backing – ask the clerk to rip your backing instead of cutting it. Many times I have seen up to 1/3 yard of waste when squaring up a large backing that has been cut instead of ripped.
* I have wide backing for sale here. The price varies by bolt.

* I sell batting by the yard. I have different widths that range from 90″ to 120″ wide. I have 100% cotton, Hobbs 80/20, Legacy Poly, Soft and Bright Poly. Wool upon request. My batting is priced at wholesale plus shipping. Probably cheaper than the big box store with a coupon.
* You are welcome to bring your own batting. Please be sure it is large enough for your project.
* I’m not comfortable quilting with pieced battings for large quilts.

Click on the graphic below. When the image pops up, your cursor will appear as a plus sign. Click on the document and it will enlarge.


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